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Venture citi Ltd is a duly registered company with offices in Kenya and Uganda.

Accounting Manager is one of the world’s largest enterprise applications software majorly preferred by corporations in the retail sector, manufacturing sector, construction industry, freight service sector, and can be configured to suit different clientele needs that are unique to the client. Public and private sector often skew towards Accounting Manager for the simplistic nature and the ability to embed different accounting transactions in the system.

Our main focus is to provide and to customize accounting software, Our flagship product is Manager accounting software.

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Accounting Software implementation and Training

Track All Receivables and Payables, & Manage Inventory With One Single Software. Sell More. Work Smarter. Grow Faster. There's a Plan for Whatever Your Business Needs.

Accounting Software

In order to guarantee quality service we have partnered with an Australian firm to supply an easy to use, affordable yet robust accounting software especially for SMEs. The software is called Accounting Manager and comes in three versions

Financial reviews and compliance assessments

It is imperative for a donor agency to know whether their funds are being utilized adequately and for the purposes mentioned in the Project narratives. We offer to conduct financial review on behalf of funding agencies, where we verify whether the funding was utilized for an intended cause and within the conditions of the Project Co-operation agreement.