In order to guarantee quality service we have partnered with an Australian firm to supply an easy to use, affordable yet robust accounting software especially for SMEs.

The software is called Accounting Manager and comes in three versions

Desktop version

This is installed on the user machine.
This is a one off installation.
Advantage is that it’s a one off purchase.

Disadvantage is that if the machine crashes, you lose the information. It does not also support many users.

Server version

This is installed on the company’s server.
Advantage is that you have control over all accounting data. You can also deploy on
the Internet for access from anywhere.
Disadvantage is that you will incur additional costs for putting the additional IT infrastructure. Efficiency of the system will therefore depend on the efficiency of the IT department.

Cloud version (The Most Superior Version)

There is no installation to be made.
Can have as many users as possible around the globe as long as user rights are approved

by management. Can support branch accounting if there are many branches / related companies, can manage unlimited projects while you get consolidated reports for the entire organization, you have remote access on any Internet enabled device, you also get automatic backups and updates.

Advantages of cloud based Accounting Manager software over the other versions

No installation, anywhere access

Whether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet or Smartphone, you can access your accounting data from anywhere with a web-browser.
No downloads, nothing to install, no conflicting versions or files.

Multi-user access

Share access with your team - so everyone has access to the same numbers at the same time whenever they need it. Accountants and book-keepers can service you remotely when you allow access to your accounting data. No limit to number of users.

Access control & user permissions

Set up your users and give them access only to businesses and features they require for their role. Sales team can prepare quotes or issue invoices without having access to any other part of the system. Business associates can be given read-only access to financial statements without being exposed to rest of the system.

Ultra-high performance

All our servers are using high frequency Intel Xeon processors with turbo up to 3.3GHz. This is to make sure Manager Runs very fast even if you have larger amount of data.

Low Latency Locations

We run servers in 4 independent regional data centers - America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. This means working with Manager Cloud will be fast no matter where you are.

Automatic upgrades & backups

All updates and upgrades are all done for you automatically, so you'll never worry about having to upgrade again. Your data is completely secure even if your computer is lost or stolen. 

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